Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT 5k Edition

It's been a really long time since I've thrown it back. This Thrusday is all about the 5k's I've run. There are a few races where I don't have any pictures - or can't find any - like the one where I fought the entire time to not have a major bathroom accident - that Turkey Trot was super fun!

My very first race ever. Beat Coach Pete down in Boise - I definitely made it challenging. I hadn't really run much before this race, and I just went pedal to the metal in the beginning and just about died when I realized I had only gone 1 mile. I ended in 30ish minutes and did beat Pete. Except I missed out on the tee-shirt that "proves" I beat Pete - so what do they do - ask me if I want a shirt that says, "I'LL BEAT PETE NEXT YEAR". Yeah no thanks. Oh and thanks Mom for being my personal aid station and Dad for being my photographer.

Another 5k I did - The Race 2 the Summit 2012. I did the 5k and got first in my age group! What?! I had to ask if I heard that right too. I finished in 40ish minutes but I think the course ended up being close to 4 miles so thats not to bad!

Race for the Cure this last May - we got to walk with my itty bitty nephew!!! I love these girls so much! I had such a blast having girl time. Speaking of girl time, I think I hear Boise calling my name! ; )

Here's another fun one I did - I don't know what it is about 5ks that feel so hard. Maybe its because I feel like I need to go fast to keep up with the crowds, I'm more of a slow and steady for lots and lots of miles type o girl.

I'm off to run those hills! Wish me luck that hill repeats don't kill me its been quite a few months since I chose this form of torture.

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