Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Um Hello?! Are you there

I'm back!!!!!!!!! Did you miss me?! I know you did ; ) Life has been pretty busy this last month and it has no plans on slowing down. I had to re-prioritize some things and I had to put spending time on the internet on the back burner. To be honest - I've also been trying to spend less time hogging the computer and more time living in the moment.

I have some good news to share...............I got a bib to run Race to Robie Creek! I really really wanted to run that race last year but ended up not getting a bib. It's first come first serve and then there is a lottery you can enter for a second chance. It's the toughest half marathon in the northwest. I'm actually kind of scared of what I got myself into. Here's the elevation map. Enough said.

Even better news......I have a running partner for the race - MMR!!! I finally have one of my many wishes coming true. He's probably going to be way faster than me but still - he's running a race with me and thats all that matters. Bucket list CHECK.

This is going to be the first race of the year which means I have some shuffling around later in the season, but I'm okay with that. Another race I'm super excited about is this one:

I get extra motivated when I have 'for sure' races lined up. I know I have big goals this year wanting to run 14 halfs and I've come to realize that it's not just my body that will need to adjust. It's expensive to run 14 races, especially if some of them are out of town, and last minute sign ups. So I had to pick the two most important races I for sure want to run. And these two are it.

I'm really excited to be going to Seattle in June. My mom and I are going to plan a pretty sweet girls weekend! This is my first huge race series and this is my first race out of Idaho. 

I must get back to my Spanish homework. Homework = good grades = passed classes = graduation = kick ass job. Goodnight.

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