Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Week in Workouts: February 24 - March 2

Happy Sunday! I love love love Sundays, but I hate that it's the end of the weekend! They always go by so fast. I took more rest days this week than I wanted to, but hey, that's life and I'm okay with that. Here's what my workouts looked like this week:

Monday: Spin and Weights.
I took a 35 minute spin class which focused on seated hills, and hill climbs. I prefer spinning while standing, but I think thats just because my legs turn to Jello as soon as we have resistance and I'm sitting. I really love this workout, it's short and to the point. After spin I went and did a mini circuit of weights.

Tuesday: Family Run
On Tuesdays MMR and I usually get out of class around 4:30, and today we decided to go for a run. It gets dark now around 5:30 so we definitely had enough time. We did an out and back road that is right behind our house. I love running out there, there's some nice rolling hills. We did 3 miles nice and easy, 34:06. It was cloudy all day and when I got out of the class you could see a tiny bit of the sun, it was a pretty sunset!

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Hills
On my training plan, I have one workout a week that has speed incorporated, usually a tempo run. I wanted to stay away from sprints and track work, I think that's part of what contributed to my injury. For this race I'm going to be substituting speed work for the hills. When I was training for Race 2 the Summit I really think the hills helped. The race elevations are somewhat comparable to Robie Creek. I got off work a little early so I decided then was the perfect time to run. I geared up and looked outside, sleet, FUN! not. I started with a 1 miles warm-up - about the distance to my spot from home. The hill itself is .2 and I did 5 repeats, so 2 miles of hills, and then a 1 mile cool down - I had to get home somehow. It took me about an hour, those hills were hard. I think the way I might incorporate speed workouts every once in a while, is by making time goals for my repeats. I think I averaged 11:45 up and 10:00 down, so my goal for Robie is no slower (hopefully) than 11:30, so maybe make that my goal : ).

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Cross Train
I squeezed in a quick Jillian Michaels workout. I only have tried her 30 Day Shred workout, which I really love, I decided to go with the Shred it With Weights Level 1. I kicked my trash, my hamstrings are so sore. It's mainly a kettlebell workout, but I don't own one yet so I just used a 5lb dumbbell. Yes I said my hamstrings are really sore.

Sunday: Long run
I am so proud of myself!!! When I got up this morning it was freezing rain. Then it turned to real rain, then it turned back to freezing rain. I almost decided I wasn't going to long run, but then realized that was not going to get me anywhere at all. So I figured I'd have to have a date with a treadmill. This is my first long run since I've been injured. I haven't run anything over 4 miles. I decided to double that today, on my treadmill at home. I broke it up using the excuse of needing new magazines and switching over the laundry. It ended up being a solid 12:12 pace. I'm not upset with that considering the first 4 miles were done at a 3 incline, I didn't realize it until MMR tried to tell me I should be running hills! I removed the incline and finished without. Overall I am really happy with this run. Right now, as I'm finishing this post I am so sore. Jillian Michaels whopped my trash more than I thought.

I'm off to ice, stretch, foam roll, and beg my hamstrings to allow me to walk tomorrow! Goodnight!!

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