Monday, March 3, 2014

Baked goods with your motivation monday

Happy Monday! I hope you have a great start to the week. I am really excited it's March, that means we are one more month closer to summer, and it's officially spring in 18 days. That means I can start to wear anything other than boots, right?! And maybe get a run in when it's not wintery conditions?!

Last night I baked some PB&J muffins. I had some bananas that were starting to turn so I decided to use them. These muffins smell and taste just like you are eating a PB&J sandwich. Good thing the recipe made so many, MMR and I are already fighting over them.

Weekly dose of motivation. These quotes I found really speak to the type of week I want to have:

 The theme of this week. My long run was so hard yesterday it really reminded me that I need to be 100% dedicated or I will be doing double the work.

School and work has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Every time I finish something, I think of another something to do. Running and working out is my time for me.

It's so easy to live in the past. This week I'm going to try and remember that each day is new, and to have a grateful heart. 

This is something I have started reminding myself when my  workouts get tough. The hardest battle is your mind. When I am running and my legs start to get uncomfortable I just keep reminding myself of my goals and its a little easier to push through.

What are some of your Monday routines?
Coffee/breakfast/me time, work, school, gym, nighttime festivities - AKA hang out with MMR and work on homework.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Napping on Saturday - I very rarely take naps. It gave me the motivation to work out.

What is your goal for the week?
Get all the laundry done, I have about 6 loads or so left. I hate when I let it pile up. Complete a full weeks worth of work outs. Three runs, yoga, and cross training.

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