Friday, November 1, 2013

All About the Tempo Run & A FEW Friday Favorites

So I am fairly new at this whole tempo run concept, so I figured I would share my workout with you in more detail. A tempo run was something that I have read about on others blogs, but never actually tried until yesterday. Technically yesterday was suppose to be my second work out like this, but I used a rest day two weeks ago instead.

Wednesdays are speed days in my plan and I alternate between track workouts (400's) and tempo runs. Wednesday's looked like this:

The outline for a tempo run is to have an easy warm-up, harder effort running in the middle and then a cool down. I just kept pressing the speed button up 1 every 5 minutes. That works - anything that is a hard effort in my book can be a tempo run. Some use pace calculators, like running the middle minutes at 10k pace or 5k pace. My work out felt hard, I did it on my treadmill in my office, there really is no fan or anything so it was hot, and I had to stop every 5 minutes to blow my nose (I don't think MMR would appreciate snot rockets on the wall). My next tempo run in two weeks, will be a little different, my legs didn't feel that tired after this one. My goal 10k pace (which I have never run a 10k) is around 9:15-9:30, so my next one will hopefully look like this:

The goal of the Tempo Run is to push your body to its anaerobic threshold. This helps runners work through a tough long distance race, or a speedy race. You are pushing the limits and training your body to push past those limits and have a successful race.

Look at that heel strike, no wonder my right achilles hurts...

I was so sweaty I started shedding layers.
Friday Favorite 1:
It's November - you know what that means!! 27 days until Thanksgiving. Red cups and Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks. Oh and Christmas music, present crafting and shopping. Wait, I said November right ;)

Friday Favorite 2:
It's November :) - by this I mean, it's time to really reflect on the things you are thankful for. I know I know this REALLY should be something you do daily. Each day I am really going to dig deep and think about the things I am thankful for. Obviously family, MMR, friends, etc. are the typical things we think of. Today, I am thankful for WATER. I don't drink it enough, which is kind of taking it for granted, there are people who would kill for a glass of water. I am going to really try and start drinking more of it, it's something I should already be doing.

Friday Favorite 3:
It's November - hey there's a reoccurring theme here. Let this be the month of challenges. I have committed to this one here, and now I'm going to add one of these from Instagram.

I love Instagram. I love looking at pictures. I tried one before and it only lasted 6 days before I forgot to take the picture of the day. Follow me on Intagram - allysonmarie

If you want another running challenge check out this blog: Skinny Chick Blog. She has all the details!

Doing any challenges this month???
98 Miles in November - and taking a selfie of myself.

What are you thankful for today??
Water, water, water

Have any fun weekend plans?!!!!
This weekend MMR and I are just keepin' it low key (typical weekend). We have a busy week with school next week. I will be doing some crafting - don't worry I'll share my details with you!

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